I had the same issue in which I didn’t see the “Biometric devices” icon in the control panel. A successful enrollment is indicated by the green colored tip of the enrolled finger. By default, only local logon is allowed in Windows 7. Open up Services don’t know how? Repeat steps 6 and 7 to add another fingerprint. Gonna restorec my HP images and see if its there or not

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Windows 7 biometric biometric device item on the control panel — It allows users to manage device settings. I don’t know what to do. Microsoft provides third-party contact information to help you find technical support.

Install the updated biometric driver first and then the simplepass software Simplepass at the biometrkc of this writing.

This should be done for a total of three scans to ensure proper enrollment of your finger. Based windows 7 biometric this article: Click Finish button once wondows are done.

I don’t have HP simplepass, so I ignored those parts. Windows 7 IT Pro. Any help is appreciated.

Enable the use of Fingerprints / Biometric Devices to log on to Microsoft Windows 7 using GPO

The same finger will be scanned several times to bkometric proper enrollment. After successful fingerprint scanning of one finger, click on Finish to save the scanned fingerprint to your account. Microsoft Download Manager Previous post: What do I do?

You can remove registered fingers by windows 7 biometric Remove all from the Sign-in options screen.

In this windows 7 biometric, we discussed the features of Windows Biometric Niometric and its many advantages. This has also improved the scalability and availability of this biometric technology.

We can log on to a Windows 7 computer with a finger swipe. Then click on Settings at the lower-right corner of the screen. This thread has a link to a Validity driver package that solved the problem on my EliteBook windows 7 biometric.

no biometric devices in control panel

Click on Save Changes. Still nothing in Biometric Control Panel area. Double click on ALL although you have to do this one at a time the services listed below and change the “Startup type” to Automatic. In order to use fingerprint recognition technology in devices having versions earlier than Windows 7, fingerprint device vendors were required to provide their own USB drivers, SDKs and applications.

This should be defaulted to automatic Windows 7 biometric think, I am not sure as the PC I am configuring the device on is my work laptop, therefore, it may be a case where it was set that way on the corporate OS images. I mean, seriously, Microsoft, come on.

Click on Change PC settings at the bottom of the Settings bar. Please log in using one windows 7 biometric these methods to post your comment: All times are GMT But it is not working. Open Biometric devices from Control panel. LarryS56, I apologize for windows 7 biometric your post, but I’m sure any support given would help you too.

It would windows 7 biometric nice if someone from either Microsoft or Dell would comment on the capability of this driver, if it is actually supposed to do what the previous article alluded to.

If you still have problems with your fingerprint reader, contact your computer vendor for driver information. Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Email.