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General Forum Members Points: The following optional parameters can be set if required. If you click on a column it gives the datatype. I had to use the ADO. You can’t post IFCode. Check the following points if you have any problems:. IsolationLevel value for the connection.

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System Properties Comparison InterSystems Caché vs. Microsoft SQL Server vs. Oracle

You can’t post topic replies. Thanks for any ideas, Tom. You can’t delete other topics. You can’t upload attachments.

How to set up a ODBC data source in SSIS to extract from Intersystems Cache database?

You can also prompt the user for a connection string. I can write reports directly against the data source, but I want to put the tables into a “Data Source View”, so I can create and deploy a “Report Server Model” that contains friendly names for the fields etc Specifies the namespace to connect to.

Maybe there’s an easier way but this method works. Maximum size of connection pool for this specific connection string. Default is 0 use system default value. You can’t post IFCode.

If you are using an ADO. Sets the TCP nodelay option. My connection is through ODBC.

Set Pooling to false to create a connection with no connection pooling. Any tips on tuning? Recycles connections in the pool associated with connection object conn. IsolationLevel value for the connection. Opedb can’t post new polls. Very little configuration is required to use a. Sets the TCP receive buffer size.

CachePoolManager class can be used to monitor and control connection pooling programmatically. Sets the TCP send buffer size.

I guess I need to work on the mapping part of it for the data to be cachee imported. If you want a sample program to cacche to a different username and password, you will need to change the sample code. Sets the length of time in seconds to try and establish a connection before failure. Thanks for the reply. You can’t send emails.

Thanks, I am trying to do the exact same thing.

You can’t edit other events. If so, when you right click on the connection do you intereystems the data source in the data source specification? You can’t edit other posts. Bragi1 Posted 9 years ago Default is 0 use system default value alternate name: You can’t edit other topics. Net source to read the data, it does not show anything.

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