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I normally run mine at 26volts, where it draws 4. The non-rectified flyback can be used to power Jacob’s ladders, light up plasma globes, and much more Your ultra simple flyback driver which is easy to build and use! But just above the arc exists a path that the transformer can easily maintain and which in fact will lower its current. Hi William What kind of transformer are you trying to drive? I noticed that on my flyback, when running extremely high output voltages in the order of 45kV corona was forming around the feedback wire.

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Some of the best flybacks for making the highest voltages can be found in old black and white TVs.

It’s very simple actually. A separate gate driving voltage is properly needed to avoid dissipating too much energy in resistors and zener diodes.

Although DC spark length vs. November 22, at Other things to note are that these flybacks are sometimes stepped up on the circuit board with some sort of cascade or voltage multiplier, and therefore have a lower voltage secondary winding. I also had to place a drop of epoxy over each secondary tap since they are not needed, as only the main HV wire and the ground wire are used in experimentationbut I rarely run it at such high voltages, since it is obvious that it was not designed to output that otherwise it wouldn’t have arcedand even though it is possible to extract over 40Kv from it as I did in the above experimentsecondary breakdown might eventually happen, if not from flashover, than from corona breaking down the insulator that spaces the secondary layers from one another.

Although the power involved may not be very high, a small mistake might cause severe electrical burns.

Flyback Driver Circuits

Once I had the driver setup I was able to push up to 30V at A into the driver with only moderate heating of the transistors. I’ve tried reversing the direction of windings, reversing winding connections, even swapping out the transistor to one that worked with a previous driver. The power supply that I used was hotter than the transistor lol! More feedback turns would increase the drive voltage to the transistor, be careful not to damage your transistor by adding too many turns.

Always allow them to cool down before adjustments. Connor but you know how they overprice everything.

Its my first actual fly back driver, my first attempt was with a Flybadk darlington transistors, once I move back into my apartment and I’m back with my drill press I’ll be getting a bigger heatsink to mount TO-3P packaged FJATU transistors which apparently work much better. This kind of driver is really all wrong, without any protection for the transistor. The metal electrode is currently red hot and ready to melt. As a rough guide to calculate the voltage, it would be about 1.

I have fixed together a new single transistor circuit. It give sparks of 15cm. As with any other potentially hazardous device, you must accept the full consequences of your actions if you choose to build this system. Loose bits of metal, table surfaces, carpet, and a human body will arc to the HV wire much like the ground wire does, producing rather undesirable effects burned carpet, burned table, burned fingers, destroyed equipment Because transformers inherently operate with alternating current, they often need to be rectified with high voltage diode for use with these tubes, and newer flybacks often contain an in-built diode.

Dual 2n Flyback Driver « Procrastinatus

The only things that I can think would make this not work would be the rubber wire coating is too thick or that the direction of winding matters. Once I had the driver setup I was able to push up to 30V at A into the driver with only moderate heating of the transistors.

Because they act as a transformer, there are often extra windings on the secondary coil and provide lower voltages for other parts of the circuit, hence the large number of pins at the bottom of the flyback and they are used to power say the vertical and horizontal deflection coils, and so on.

The heat sink will be upgraded to a larger one. Notify me of new posts by email.

2n flyback driver | Kaizer Power Electronics

This is rather obvious if you hold them in your hands: Now wind wind 5 turns of enameled 12 – 18AWG wire 1 – 1. Still, it is a very simple circuit for making high voltage, and can be used to draw electrical arcs, power Jacob’s Ladders, plasma globes, and running other HV cascades such as Marx generators. Duao you can see, it’s really small, simple and easy to make.

Here is a picture of my flyback: I found it best to wind the primary tightly and neatly, and then wrapping it with more tape to hold it in place to prevent any mishaps such as it getting loose and into contact with the secondary coil!

You can also find assistance via IRC, at irc.

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