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One suggestion I can make is to connect the HDMI cable to both laptop and display with the power off on both. Some of the best solutions have come from notebookforums but sometimes it is hard to find them there. There is also an IDT sound utility inlcuded with my system and this too shows that one headphone is constatly “connected. If you do hear the audio during the test but not when you boot back into Windows, that almost always means the hardware is okay but there is a problem with the audio driver or with Windows. If you have any other ideas, I would appreciate your insight.

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At first I couldn’t get any playback to work until i unplugged the microphone. By the way, before the computer crash that caused me to have to restore to a system image I had dell studio xps sound in April, the sound was working.

Plug in a set of headphones and see if you get audio through the headphone jack. Everything appears to be normal on computer and tv. Select ‘Diagnostic’ from the boot menu. Dell dekl the audio chip, which had no dell studio xps sound on dell studio xps sound problem. It started with the earliest model that had these, the Inspironand has probably occurred in every model since.

Of course it was the same before re-configurable jacks.

All the initial call taker’s where very nice, but is this how Dell treat’s people who buy new computers from them? The tests will play some audio and dell studio xps sound you whether you heard it.

Replace the headphone jack. They claimed that rell would call me back and haven’t yet so I kinda doubt it. Running the app “Who Crashed” indicated the problem was driver related. I am having the same issues with my Dell so I went through the steps listed.

You will need to search the retail Creative site for possible Windows 8. Uninstalling Roxio fixed the problem for about a week, but now it’s back with a aound. Jim, Thanks so much for the detailed reply. This board has never been as much of a discussion board as notebookforums is anyway.

At least it would rule out the IDT driver as the culprit. I want to give everyone an update. The xos will run its pre-boot assessment tests the PSA tests described above before Dell Diagnostics starts. I suggest using dpc latency checker to help analyze problems. To dell studio xps sound this, visit:.

Dell Driver and Download Check consistently claims there are newer Driver to be installed. The reason I wrote “almost” was that there is a hardware issue that is not detectable dell studio xps sound the audio tests in Dell bit Diagnostics. If you do hear the audio during the test but not when you boot back into Windows, that almost always means the hardware is okay but there is dell studio xps sound problem with the audio driver or with Windows.

I’ll head over to Best Buy this weekend and pick up a new pair. Alternate between using headphones and listening to speakers in case only one signal path is working.

Audio problems with Studio XPS – Dell Community

I usually have to try a few restarts in order to get it to work again. At first the speakers went, so i just plugged it into another set of speakers which worked fine. So if sound and speakers are on, but I’m not playing music or video, dell studio xps sound is no crackling. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Instructions for the native driver are here.

Studio XPS – Static and crackling sound from speakers – Dell Community

The field tech, who thankfully sstudio a clue, did not see the wisdom in replacing the motherboard and speakers when everything pointed to a failed sense pin in the headphone jack. Will xound calling dell again. If you have this combination of symptoms: In these instances the only reliable diagnostic procedures are to try a new motherboard or to use PC Dell studio xps sound called Factory Image Restore in Vista to restore the computer to its original configuration as shipped from the factory.

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